Favorite Sirius is an inertialess spinning reel with metallic body


It is used for freshwater and saltwater spinning fishing.


The body and the lid of the spool are made of metal alloy, the spool is equipped with a powerful and accurate front drag based on carbon fiber ring plates. Anti-twisting line roller is covered with titanium nitride. Due to the Heavy Duty Gear system, the looseness of the handle is reduced to its' minimal point. Light composite rotor provides low inertia during rotation (Feather Light Rotor). Gear ratio of the real is 5.2:1. There are 11+1 stainless steel bearings in the reel.

  • Lightweight aluminum alloy metal body and side cover

  • Carbo Drag. Carbon friction washers provide instantaneous start and accurate tuning.

  • HD Gear. Reinforced main gear made of high-strength lightweight alloy and placed on the metal shaft. Screw-in connection between the gear and handle allows the angler to minimize any kind of backlash and makes the rotation smooth.

  • Feather Light Rotor. Lightweight carbon-plastic skeleton rotor. Provides less inertia and allows for a smoother reel rotation


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