Favorite Rapid – light, fast, extra sensitive top class spinning rods with informative blanks


These rigid and short spinning rods allow to fully control ultralight lure actions of a wide range, from softbaits to topwater lures. 


The amazingly light blanks of Favorite Rapid series are made of carbon prepreg with the modularity of 46T produced by Japanese company Toray. The butt section is enforced with eight-directional OCG wrapping, the joints of the blank are enforced with carbon fiber wrapping, not a thread. High-modulus blank requires careful usage, that is why the spinning rod is kit out with a bag and a hard tube. 


The spinning rod is equipped with top quality Fuji Torzite guides with titanium framing.


Split handle's design is quite unusual but very ergonomic and functional at the same time. The combining of EVA material and skeleton reel seat make the handle light and comfortable for those, who like to put their finger on the blank as well as for those, who like tight grip.

The spinning rods of Favorite Rapid series are equipped with the most high-modulus and sensitive blanks out of the whole variety of Favorite spinning rods. The impressions received from fishing with this rod are rather unforgettable, especially after fish strikes.


The spinning rod is quite accurate and allows to cast the lure precisely next to the edge of the opposite bank. Even though the blank is extra fast, Rapid responds quickly during the fighting and wears a fish down well.

  • Toray 46T – Japan manufacturer Toray prepreg. Modulus 46 TON.

  • Multi Layer Structure Slim allow us to create very thin and "slim" rod blanks, which we use to build L and UL class rods.

  • O.C.G. The 8 directions high modulus structured blank wrapping. It forms a kind of a mesh around the blank with an octagon as a base.

  • Light and functional fittings of high quality are now the essential part of spinning rods of all price segments. Starting from 2013 Favorite company was using ultralight guides for the cheaper class rods.


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