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Sondre Haugholt Breian

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Age: 23

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City: Ås

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Years of experience: 10

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Favorite lake: Storsjøen, Skarnes

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Best in: Finesse Perch & Crank

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Boat: Alloycraft Basspro 498 & Mercury 115

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Partner: Johann Vangerud

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NPM 2019


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Abbor Gjedde Fest 2020


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Pike: 123cm/14.96kg

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Perch: 48.5cm/1.67kg

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Zander: 2.5kg


My life as an angler started when I was about 5 years old. I used to spend a lot of time with my father fishing in the woods and mountains, exploring what nature had to offer. As I grew older, my passion for fishing deepened and I started spending more time learning different techniques for different species, understanding fish behaviour  and biology and exploring fishing opportunities inside and outside of Norway.

My main targets today, are pike and perch which are quite abundant predatory species in Southern Norway where I live. The area is full of lakes and rivers with good opportunities of catching big pike and perch all year.

I started competing just recently, with some podium placements and I am actively involved in conservation and sustainability of the local fish population.


Fishing for me has become much more than a hobby over the last couple of years. It has always been really important for me, but the growth of fishing towards a real and competitive sport gave it an extra dimension. As much as I love being outdoor and enjoying the calmness I get of fishing, I crave the adrenaline and rush I get from competing. Fishing for me also means studying and reading about different variables that can affect the practical fishing. Fishing is much more than just catching fish. Fishing for me is understanding, learning and trying to master fishing under all thinkable conditions”

My fishing career has evolved a lot the last couple of years, in line with the evolution of the sport fishing I Scandinavia. This evolution has opened up a lot of doors for people who want to become professionals and created many opportunities to step forward from a hobby to a lifestyle. My goal is to take this step to the fullest, learn as much as I can in fishing, participate on competitions and make good friendships for life!


NSFL is the first professional sport fishing league in Norway, and I look at it as an absolute revolution in Norwegian sport fishing! Many people have wanted a more professional competitions where the professional fishermen are sorted out by a qualification round, and now it has finally arrived in Norway! NSFL is going to fill up a big, open space in the predatory fishing competition community and create a unique atmosphere for all predatory anglers.

I am really excited for the whole NSFL season and competitions, which I am sure will be a hit. The whole concept, and the people behind it have made it the best and most professional competition there have ever been Norway. On long term I can definitively see NSFL as the main big event I Norway, where there will be really hard competition and many professional anglers. NSFL creates the perfect reason for you to taking the step in your fishing career and make something more out of it!