Owner Beast 5130-181 #8/0 3pcs

Owner Beast 5130-181 #8/0 3pcs

SKU: OWN5130-181

Owner Beast Hooks with Twistlock work great with smaller swimbaits and soft plastics. The Beast is a super sharp xxx-strong high carbon steel wide gap hook with Owner's patented twistlock design that is perfect for fishing weedless. The spring at the front of the hook has a centering-pin that ensures that you rig the bait perfectly every time. These hooks are weightless but you can easily add a clip-on weight if you need to. The beauty of the Beast is that once your bait is rigged, the hook will not interfere with performance. Your bait will stay straight and you won't sacrifice swimming action. Try it with a wide variety of soft plastics including smaller swimbaits. Get yourself a pack of Owner Beast Hooks with Twistlock and take your soft plastic fishing to the next level. They work great!


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