KEITECH Flex Chunk - Black Blue

KEITECH Flex Chunk - Black Blue

  • Sizes: 3", 4"
  • Weight: 6.5g, 13.5g
  • Recommended with: Offset hooks,  jig-heads
  • Infused with squid scent
  • Attracts every predator fish.


  • The Flex Chunk is a very flexible soft lure with long limbs, reminiscent of the shape and vibration of old baits used for bass fishing. Keitech Flex Chunk rubbers imitate crab with their large legs and react to every small touch.

    The unique work of the limbs is the result of the work of Keitech which has developed a very flexible material with optimized density. Due to the high salt content and natural taste of the squid, predator attacks are violent and effective.


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