"Favorite X1"  12 - 36g. 1.83m. Ex.Fast, Heavy

"Favorite X1" 12 - 36g. 1.83m. Ex.Fast, Heavy


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Favorite X1 is a functional and reliable spinning rod. 

X1 series is developed for the picky anglers, who appreciate high-quality specifications and reliability of tackle above all. Due to that, the development of the spinning rod was focused on the blank, which is as good as more expensive alternatives. Fast, light and highly sensitive blank keeps great casting capacity and quick response. It is enforced with multidirectional prepregs and a special carbon fiber wrapping in the butt section.


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  • Model: X1-602H

    Lenght: 1.83

    Power: Heavy

    Lure test: 12 - 36g

    Line: 15 - 35 lb

    Action: Extra Fast

    Weight: 122g

    Sections: 2

    Transport lenght: 96cm

  • Simple design elements allowed to create an affordable spinning rod. Despite its' simplicity, the handle is quite ergonomic and it is comfortably placed in hand. Modern guides are arranged according to KR concept.

    We offer 20 X1 spinning rod models, which allows to choose the best model suitable for each particular fishing type. There are spinning rods for softbaits and twitching, long spinning rods for shore fishing as well as short ones for boat fishing.

    Model range is also supplemented with travel spinning rods, which are compactly placed in a hard case and can be taken on board of a plane. There are 5 models, which are suitable for different kinds of fishing conditions all over the world.


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