"Favorite SkyLine"  3 - 14g. 2.70m. Ex.Fast, Light

"Favorite SkyLine" 3 - 14g. 2.70m. Ex.Fast, Light


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Favorite SkyLine is a wide top series of spinning rods for boat and in-shore fishing.

Rods are equipped with Fuji Alconite guides and the butt section is enforced with carbon fiber wrapping 1K. Ergonomic handle is made of EVA. The spinning rod is delivered with simple functional bag made of Oxford fabric. The spinning rod has a great capacity of strength, which allows to get a medium fish and to worthily fight with a big one. The usage of high modulus graphite provides the best sensitivity of the spinning rod.


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  • Model: SKYA-902L

    Lenght: 2.70

    Power: Light

    Lure test: 3 - 14g

    Line: #0.6 - 1 PE

    Action: Extra Fast

    Weight: 136g

    Sections: 2

    Transport lenght: 141cm

  • 762ML with the casting weight up to 18 g. It is a multi-purpose spinning rod of medium light class, which suitable both for sea-fishing and freshwater fishing. It perfectly works with soft baits as well as with small jerkbaits and topwaters. 

    SkyLine 762М, a model with the casting weight up to 24 g is a multi-purpose spinning rod of medium class. This fishing rod with 2500 reel and PE #1 line for soft baits on jighead at almost all lakes, in places with medium fast current and not very deep water. It also allows to comfortably twitch jerkbaits up to 100 size.

    762MH and 842MH are models with the casting weight up to 35 g and they may be called the main tools for modern softbait fishing. For big rivers and reservoir except for areas with a very powerful current. Performing aggressive lure animations, hooking big zander, pulling pikes out of drowned trees are typical tasks these models are set to complete. 842MH is a better choice for in-shore fishing.
    762Н with the casting weight up to 50 g and 842H with the casting weight up to 60 g are made for heavy fishing. And especially for deepwater fishing at strong current, where there is a need for heavy jighead and relatively small bait. 842H is a slightly more powerful model as long as it is more comfortable to work with heavy baits when the working part of a blank is longer.

    SkyLine 832L is the first model in the series. It is a long-distance casting light spinning rod for shore fishing. It allows to comfortably operate with light baits and has a capacity of strength to fight with a big fish.

    The following two models are more powerful. 862ML with the casting weight up to 18 g and 862M with the casting weight up to 24 g. They are suitable for light shore softbaits fishing and saltwater light shore fishing.


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