Favorite Reel - X1 4000S

Favorite Reel - X1 4000S


Favorite X1 is a series of spinning reels fully corresponding to X1 series concept: an affordable functional tackle for amateur fishing. The spinning reel doesn't represent any extra features, in fact it completely meets the requirements introduced by modern anglers. Favorite X1 spinning reel is released in such sizes as 2000, 2500 and 4000 with classic low profile spools, as a result of which every angler is able to choose a model according to various fishing conditions.


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  • Model: X1

    Size: 2500S

    Line capacity Nylon(mm/m): 0.185/170, 0.26/100

    Line capacity Braid(#PE/m): 0.6/200, 1/150

    Weight: 265g

    Ball bearings: 9+1

    Gear ratio: 5.2:1

  • The body and the rotor of the reel are made of Nylon T60 material. It's more tough and rigid compared to other kinds of plastic used in the production of spool details. Gear ratio of the reel is - 5.2:1. There are 9+1 stainless steel bearings in the reel.

    The lightened and compact rotor has little inertia, which reflects at the softness and smoothness of the motion overall. The inner mechanism consists of 9 ball-bearings, due to which the reel is highly reliable and allows using it for saltwater fishing. The enlarged gear pinion HD Gear promotes the increasing of power capacity of the mechanism and makes it more durable.The handle of the reel is screwed into the drive gear's shaft, which reduces the possible looseness of this assembly unit.


    Nylon T60. More tough and rigid compared to other kinds of plastic used in the production of spool details.

    HD Gear. Reinforced main gear made of high-strength lightweight alloy and placed on the metal shaft.Screw-in connection between the gear and handle allows the angler to minimize any kind of backlash and makes the rotation smooth.

    Feather Light Rotor. Lightweight carbon-plastic skeleton rotor. Provides less inertia and allows for a smoother reel rotation.


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