Favorite Reel - Hurricane 2000S

Favorite Reel - Hurricane 2000S


Favorite Hurricane is a series of spinning reels with the front drag for freshwater and saltwater spinning fishing. It is a powerful and reliable device that allows you to fish with quite heavy lures, including ones that require jerking action. Model range includes the most popular sizes/modifications: 1000S, 2000S, 2500S, 4000S. There's a possibility to buy an additional spool.


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  • Model: Hurricane

    Size: 2000S

    Line capacity Nylon(mm/m): 0.165/140, 0.205/100

    Line capacity Braid(#PE/m):0.3/200, 0.6/150

    Weight: 258g

    Ball bearings: 10+1

    Gear ratio: 5.2:1

  • Favorite Hurricane spinning reels represent technical solutions present in most of the more expensive reel models of well-known brands. Heavy Duty Gear system reduses the looseness of the handle to it's minimal degree. 

    Light composite rotor provides low inertia during rotation. The machined spool is equipped with powerful and accurate front drag based on carbon fiber ring plates. Front drag's brake disk plates are made of carbon fiber. The front drag starts working immediately, which increases the top-loading limit. 

    The anti-twisting roller of the line roller is covered with titanium nitride. The spool body and the lid are made of carbon fiber. Gear ratio of the real is 5.2:1. There are 10+1 stainless steel bearings in the reel.

    HD Gear. Reinforced main gear made of high-strength lightweight alloy and placed on the metal shaft. Screw-in connection between the gear and handle allows the angler to minimize any kind of backlash and makes the rotation smooth.

    Feather Light Rotor. Lightweight carbon-plastic skeleton rotor. Provides less inertia and allows for a smoother reel rotation.

    Carbo Drag. Carbon friction washers provide instantaneous start and accurate tuning.


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