"Favorite Rapid TZ"  2.5 - 10g. 2.29m. Fast, Light

"Favorite Rapid TZ" 2.5 - 10g. 2.29m. Fast, Light


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Favorite Rapid TZ – light, fast, extra sensitive top class spinning rods with informative blanks

These rigid and short spinning rods allow to fully control ultralight lure actions of a wide range, from softbaits to topwater lures. Equiped with Fuji TZ rings.


Rapid 762L-T is specialized for chub or trout fishing with the help of hard lures in the stream on small or medium rivers. Having a good sensitivity, multi-purpose length and a fast action, the rod shows good results working with small softbaits at the level of top-class specialized rods. If there is a need to choose one rod in case of uncertainty, the best choice would be Rapid 762L-T.


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  • Model: RAPTZ-762L-T

    Lenght: 2.29

    Power: Light

    Lure test: 2.5 - 10g

    Line: #0.3 - 0.6PE

    Action: Fast

    Weight: 66g

    Sections: 2

    Transport lenght: 117cm


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