BUNDLE Heavy lures Advanced

BUNDLE Heavy lures Advanced


Heavy and large lures, stingers, screw in jig-heads. The kit is made exactly for this purpose. This kit is also suitable for river fishing from the shore.  The new Favorite Creed gives you professional and sensitive feeling of whats happening under water. The rod is reliable and strong when larger fish is hooked. It is capable to hold really heavy loads. All metal body reel will ensure long lasting durability.

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The bundle includes:

Favorite Creed 842H- 1stk Rod. Heavy, Ex.Fast, 2.54m,  15- 50g. 

Favorite Sirius 40000S - 1stk Reel. All metal body. PRO level reel.

MOMOI CastPE #2.5 - 1stk Line. Ultra strong 8 braided line. 0.26mm/22.5kg/150m

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