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This post will describe qualification process and details and hopefully will put everyone on the road.

Before we dig in, we recommend to read this article and after jump into our youtube channel. We already have released 2 V-log videos where we explain structure of qualification and main league. Here are the links:



To make everyone excited we are publishing current registered teams for qualification. As for today - the line up is really really strong. In the list we have noticed champions and award winners from past tournaments. Like we expected, it is not going to be easy.

But this is why sport is fun!

Here is a list of currently registered and approved teams:

  • Fishbusters

  • Fish On

  • Fiskegal Gjeng

  • Golden Gravel

  • JL Pro Fishing Team

  • M&S Pro Team

  • N.E.A Fishing Team

  • NEMO

  • Rounds&Squares

  • Sire Fishing Team

  • Team Lukas

  • Team Astec

  • Team Fisketrix

  • Team Jaktia

  • Team Norheim

  • Team Pikeslingers

  • Team SFP

  • Zander Club Jaktia Team

  • Zander Club Predator Team

  • Zander Club Team AM

Lake distribution: 65/35%

There are few teams not on the list, who have not finished their registration, so make sure you do that and remind your partner to finalise registration.

Qualification Details

First of all, here is animated timeline picture of qualification.

Qualification timeline

Most of the important information about qualification you will find in our NSFL TV YouTube channel. Here we overview most important aspects of it:

When do we start & finish?

We start 08:00 and finish 16:00. There is possibility that we finish earlier, depending on how teams are doing.

I don't understand "Quick Entry" system, can you explain?

It is actually very simple. The qualification itself is actually one simple event, where 40 teams with the most points will win. But we made additional opportunity to earn yourself quick entry. It is not an easy task, but for someone experienced this could be "piece of cake". Why it is not easy?

  1. We have total of 3 different time intervals.

  2. In each interval it is getting harder and harder.

  3. Time is pushing you to catch more fish.

  4. You need to know what you are doing if you want quick entry.

How time intervals works?
  1. So if your team is catching 300cm between 0800-1000, you have passed the qualification and you are in the Main League.

  2. What if you got only 250cm between 0800-1000? You still keep your 250cm but instead you now have to catch total of 360cm between 1000-1200. That means that you need additional 110cm to your 250cm if you want to finish qualification quicker. Let's move on...

  3. What if you caught only 340cm between 1000-1200? Now you will need to catch total of 420cm in between 1200-1400. You need additional extra 80cm to your 340cm if you want to finish qualification earlier then 1600.

P.S You never start from 0 on each interval. You always keep your catches but you just need more numbers.

In general on each time interval it is getting harder and harder to pass the qualification.

On average, you need to catch 5 x 60cm pikes in first 2 hours to get in. This might be easy for someone, but definitely not for everyone. Plus there is a limit of teams that can do that. If you notice, on each new interval less teams are allowed to use this advantage.

Possible scenario samples for qualification day

Scenario 1:

By 12:00 we have total of 20 teams who have passed "Quick Entry" requirements. Rest of the teams fights for 20 open spots.

Scenario 2:

By 14:00 we have total of 35teams who have passed "Quick Entry" requirements. 5 spots are left to win. All other teams continues to fight until the end of event.

5 teams will be chosen depending on their final rank.

Scenario 3:

By 14:00 we have total of 40teams that has passed "Quick Entry" requirements. No more open spots left for the Main League. Qualification stops.

Scenario 4:

By 14:00 we have total of 0 teams that has passed "Quick Entry" requirements. All teams continues to fight until the end of event. 40 open spots are left and they will be given to teams with highest scores.

Additional event scenarios:

Scenario 1:

Only 40 teams have registered for qualification. Qualification is then canceled and all 40 teams are in the Main League.

Scenario 2:

30 teams or less have registered for qualification. Qualification is canceled. 30 teams are in the Main League. Prize pool is reduced.

Hopefully this lets you to understand the qualification process better. In general it is not an easy qualification, especially if you want to grab "Quick Entry" advantage. The interesting part of it is that your team never knows who is fighting for quick entry advantage. That means that you need to decide you go slow or quick. If you go slow, someone can use this advantage and you might loose open spots. From another point of view - it is a gamble and no one knows how exactly it will end :)

This system creates dynamic and increases difficulty level.

Till next time!

Registration link:


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