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"Everything starts with a problem. To solve the problem, you need to make decisions and take actions. This is where Sport Fiske AS stands up: create solutions and develop modern tools, to succeed in recreational sport - fishing.

Our qualified team has selected multiple sport fishing targeted brands, and delivers them to Scandinavian market. Keitech, Favorite, Jackall, MajorCraft and more, is finally available for every angler! We seek best for the best, therefore continues search and effort to deliver happiness to anglers face, is not an easy task, and this is what we do!

In addition to physical products, our company is proudly helping Norwegian Sport Fishing Association to succeed and deliver professional fishing competition level in Norway.

We developed platform, which is ment to work only together with professional sport league. Our mission is to constantly improve and innovate the platform in efficient speed, make sure that all missing features are added when they really needed.

When it comes to business clients, we understand how important is mutual cooperation and how important is to deliver quality and happiness to you clients. We are fully responsible for smooth operations, quality control, stable and strong business relations between partnership. Therefore you can count on us everyday, and we promise successful journey.

We are always happy to meet everyone , listen to ideas and hopefully deliver them to reality. Only together, we can create and deliver something important, so join us today! We promise, you will not be disappointed."


Sport Fiske AS