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"Main League" - this is what we fight for, to become No.1 in Norway, to earn everyone’s respect and inspire others. This is the first tour of the year.

Be an example for fishing community and show the world, how really good we are! 








1. Your hard work will unlock your road to future career.  TOP20 teams will receive "NSFL Elite Series 2021" invitations, where the strongest of the strongest will be fighting in a never seen format! Elite series is second tour of the year.


2. Winning 9 teams of Elite,  wins a direct entry ticket to "Main League 2022". In other words, those 9 teams don't need to qualify for next season. 


3. Don't be disappointed if you are not in TOP20 or lost the Elite series, "NSFL Autumn Mamma 2021" can be your last hope to skip the qualification for the next year's season. Only 1 Team wins last ticket to NSFL Main League 2022, without qualifying. Autumn Mamma is our last tour of the year.



NSFL is all about competition and game flow. The league was created to make things difficult, but at the same time make things exciting and allow rapid changes in tournament dynamic.

For example instead of counting centimetres, we will convert them to POINTS! Team will also receive their starting positions for the entire seasonCheck bellow how all this works and why it is so important:

If you do the math, you will understand that even if you have been ranked No.40 place, you still have chance to win this championship. Be smart, study your game and use correct decisions in each round.

Your game strategy is limitless here and it depends only from you, and your partner.

* point conversion applies only for TEAMS. Personal points are equal to cm.



Each event, each round will be recorded. There will be multiple cameras and drone operators who will be taking different episodes from you and others. Cameraman has exclusive rights entering any boat. That means that in each episode, you can be interviewed and filmed during the fishing. This is an unique opportunity to show your A-game and present who you are.

After each Round, the whole country will be seeing you, on a "NSFL TV" stream channel. The episodes will be regular, and exclusive interviews will be revealed. Everyone will have chance to meet anglers, and that could be you!

Your sponsors will have great opportunity aswell.

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Fishing Boat


The general rule in NSFL is - Fair Play. That means that we are playing fair with each other. We

show respect for every human being around us. We only upload real catches, we do not cheat.

We give space for others, and do not enter their fishing zone. There is no difference that you have most expensive boat, or just a classic rubber boat - we all join here for the same goal, to win! We treat each other fair, and help each other on the water. Our safety is the most important.

Living creatures under the water gives us a lot of pleasure. We spend so much time hunting

"that big one", have you ever thought how long it takes for "that big one" to grow in such a lenght and weight? On average 10kg Pike, takes around 8-10years to grow to these measures. Therefore

we respect our nature and release them as quick as possible back to where they belong - water, their home. We act quick and spend only few minutes to take the picture. In a hot summer days, pike and other species can die in minutes if kept too long in direct sun. Treat them with respect, and they will award you.


Qualification starts May 1, 2021

TOURNAMENT Ambassadors

Entry fee for qualification : 500,- NOK/team

*This fee will not be deducted for Main Entry fee

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