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"ELITE Series" - is the high stakes exclusive tournament. It was created for those, who wants adrenaline in their blood. The unique, never seen and used game style. Sponsor prizes, cash prize and rush is for the grabs.




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Designed for winners

NSFL Elite Series is the tournament where strongest TOP20 league teams meet their biggest fears.  

Bad day, wrong lure, wrong place - here these terms are forgotten. You have to show your best to be awarded.

Key facts about tournament:

  • TOP20 Main League teams compete in groups

  • Only 2 teams from each group will go forward

  • 8 teams compete in semi-final

  • 2 teams compete in a Heads Up final

  • 9 teams wins qualification free entry for NSFL2022 Main League

  • Guaranteed minimum 80% prize pool payout.

  • Payouts: 1st place: 50%, 2nd place: 30%, 3rd place: 20%

  • Sponsor Prizes

  • ELITE CUP award

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Full video series

No one can miss this experience. Therefore full video series will be produced during this event.

We will make unique opportunities for players to see themselves, remember the experience and create strategic changes for the next season. The ultimate heads-up final will be full of emotions to all viewers, seeing 2 best of Elite Series teams, competing for largest prize fund and trophy of the Elite. 

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