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"ELITE Series" - is the high stakes exclusive tournament. It was created for those, who wants adrenaline in their blood. The unique, never seen and used game style. Sponsor prizes, cash prize and rush is for the grabs.





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Designed for winners

NSFL Elite Series is the tournament where strongest TOP20 league teams meet their biggest fears.  

Bad day, wrong lure, wrong place - here these terms are forgotten. You have to show your best to be awarded.

Key facts about tournament:

  • TOP20 Main League teams compete

  • 10 teams compete in semi-final

  • 2 teams compete in a Heads Up final

  • 9 teams wins qualification free entry for NSFL2022 Main League

  • Guaranteed minimum 80% prize pool payout.

  • Payouts: 1st place: 50%, 2nd place: 30%, 3rd place: 20%

  • Buy-in: 2000,- NOK

  • Sponsor Prizes

  • ELITE CUP award

Detailed Information

Elite Series  is designed to compete in the most difficult way. Difficulty depends on your skills. If your team is a versatile anglers and are able to catch in rapid tempo it should not be an issue for you. Here is explanation how the Sections and timing works in Elite series.

Day 1

Section 1:

20 Teams starts the morning in Section 1. Between 08:00 - 10:00 everyone has only one goal - catch 1 zander.  

If for example you will be able to catch that 1 zander before the Section 1 time is over, then your team basically unlocks

Section 2. Now you can jump directly into Section 2 - pike fishing.


The interesting part of unlocking other section is that other teams still needs to fish and get that 1 zander while you already collecting the score from the pikes. So let's assume that some of you haven't caught the zander. Thats completely fine because from 10:00 you are also moving into section 2. But not catching the zander will put you in small trouble in

"All Fish" sector, read further and you will find out what obstacles it will cause.

Zander 1cm = 3 points

Min size > 45cm

Section 2:

Identical procedure is in the second section. The difference now is that you need to catch 3 pikes. So now if you want to

move into section 3 faster, you need to catch 3 pikes and you are ready to jump forward. If by any reason you are not catching the pikes, then you need to wait 12:00 to fish in Section 3. Not catching those pikes also creates obstacles in

"All Fish" section. And since you haven’t caught Zander in section 1, this will double you problems. Sounds difficult already yes?

Pike 1cm = 1 point

Min size > 55cm

Section 3:

Probably you already understood how the sections works. Exact same rules applies in section 3 as in section 1 & 2. 

You need to catch 2 Perch to move faster into All Fish sector.

Perch 1cm= 2 points

Min size > 30cm

All Fish section:

Here where the most difficult part will start. Remember we spoke about obstacles? If you haven’t caught required amount 

of Zander, Pike or Perch - now you have to hurry up and use your chance to catch all 6 fishes (1 zander, 3 pikes, 2 perches) as fast as possible. Because those who caught fishes earlier and jumper forward into new sections, are now fishing any of the fish and making their score stronger. They can catch any fish, and any fish counts 1cm = 1point which adds to existing score. Those winning teams will basically leave no room for losing teams to catch up and get into TOP10. That’s why it is so important to work really hard, train hard and use all the time needed to get confident in lake Øyeren. Specially when October will be very active on Pike but not the Zander. Zander is generally fish which if someone caught will place them in the strong position immediately.

Day 2

Only 10 teams qualifies to second day. Those teams then continues to fight in the same structure like Day 1. The score you

collected in Day 1 will transfer into Day 2 and you will continue growing the score. What is interesting that 10 teams can easily overtake previous day leaders on a next day. 

By 16:00 you have to work as hard as you can. Only 2 teams will go into Heads UP Final and fight for the title.

Rest of the 8 teams continues to fight for the 3rd place award. 

Heads UP Final

Both teams will start with the score 0. The judge will then make short meeting with both teams, will explain rules and will give them first zone where they will fight for 1 hour. The minimum distance between boats are 50m and they will see everything what they do or catch! The next hour judge will announce second zone and both teams will continue in the same way. When the clock hits 18:00, both teams stops fishing and returns to the camp. Then the final results will be counter and the winner announced! None of the 2 teams will be able to know what measures the opponent caught, only in the award ceremony. After the tournament is completed all results, catches will be published online. Everyone will also be able to see who and when opened sections earlier and all other details. 

Final rules

NSFL Will approve final details and will publish the rules 2 weeks before the tournament. You will find PDF file in 

Rules & Regulations page.


1st place: 16.000,- NOK + GARMIN prize

2nd place: 9600,- NOK

3rd place: 6400,- NOK

Registration starts September 5th! It is only allowed to register for the teams who finished "Main League" in TOP20 position. If any of the 20 teams will not participate, we will send invitations to 21st, 22nd and so on. 

We hope you will enjoy this experience with us!



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