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"Autumn Mamma" - time for a hunt. Ladies from a depths are hungry before the winter. We are hungry, to see how hungry they are.
Simple tournament, no commitment only prizes, ONLINE version.
Main prize - NSFL 2022 Main League Spot with paid entry, without qualification!
Together with that, great extra awards from our sponsors.

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The BIG MAMMA Tournament
October 15 - 31st

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Sponsor Prizes

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Longest fish prize

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Cash prize

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Ticket to Main League 2022

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Guaranteed fight for the prize

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Unforgettable moments

"Autumn Mamma" - is our public tournament for EVERYONE! It does not matter you are beginner or professional, you are free to join it with your friends or family. The tournament will happen online and in any water.

Here is how it works:

  • Everyone will register alone or with partner and receives their "FishUpload app" access 

  • Stringer of 5 longest pikes will be counted

  • All the tournament will be monitored with our exceptional software

  • Each participant will receive PDF Badge and will need to print and write number combination.

  • The badge is used while taking the photo.

  • Tournament updates will be streamed via our website and social media.

  • Every player will have access to the current standings.

  • Results will be counted and players will be nominated!

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Dont miss last chance to get your dream Pike and guarantee

your spot for NSFL Main League 2022!





 Do you like to fish for a pike? Do you love adrenaline and have wish to enter PRO League completely for free and with no hastle?

Or maybe you like cash prize? Then NSFL Autumn Mamma is the pike competition you want to enter!


The most fun, most excited, intense Autumn fishing competition.  Here is how it works:

- Start October 15th 00:01

- Finish October 31st 23:59

- Min. size: 70cm

- Stringer of 5 pikes

- Fish alone or with partner

- Any water, any time just upload your fish.

- Latest registration: October 31st

What do you have to do?

- Register for the competition.

- Enter all details and follow directions.

- Pay entry fee 500,- NOK

- Download web based app to your home screen (see APP Manual pdf) 

- Print PDF Badge that you will receive via email. 

- Upload the fish

- Each day by midnight results will be updated.

- Public will see the results and all pictures of each uploaded fish.

General Rules:

- Any fishing method is allowed

- Have a wide and long measure board or retractable banner (small ruler is not allowed)

- Your badge is required on each fish upload

- Measure the fish: Nose to the left on the 0, belly down.

- Judge has a right to decline fish upload in case of cheating or measuring rules are broken.


- 3 spots Cash Prize

- 3 spots Sponsor prizes

- 1 Longest tournament fish

- 1st place free entry into NSFL Main League 2022 without qualification and fee.

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