Shad Impact Fat

  • Avalaible in: 2.8", 3.3", 3.8", 4.8", 5.8",

  • 6.8", 7.8"

  • 50+ color range

  • Weight: -

The Swing Impact has proven to be a great machine for winning competitions. KEITECH raises the bar even further with this perfectly balanced soft lure due to an assembly of different plastics of different densities, a light and floating plastic on the back and a heavy and salty plastic on the belly. Most impressive about the Swing Impact is its ability to swim regardless of how fast it is recovered. The tail of the Swing Impact starts to move on contact with water, the tail works even in extra slow recovery or on very short journeys. The Swing Impact has a ringed body which gives this lure fuzzy contours in the water because, according to Keitech's experience, predators tend to attack a vague silhouette more. The Swing Impact contains natural aromas of squid directly compiled in the mass. Keitech obtains extraordinary colors thanks to its double mold process.

After many requests from fishermen KEITECH finally agreed to create an intermediate size between 3.8 ”and 4.8”, this is the ideal size for SWIMBAIT fishing. The tail of the SWING IMPACT FAT has the particularity of setting itself in motion and creating strong vibrations even at very low recovery speed. There is no need as with other SWIMBAITS to speed up the recovery to achieve tail action, therefore the most efficient recovery speed can be used. Even on the descent, the tail of the SWING IMPACT FAT works amazingly, this is due to the thinness of the plastic at the connection of the body and the tail.