Shad Impact

  • Avalaible in: 2", 3", 4", 5"

  • 80+ color range

  • Weight: 4" - 5.2g

The Shad Impact required a lot of research and meticulousness, to produce a lure that stands in a permanent horizontal posture it was necessary to combine several plastic kinds of different densities. The back of the Shad Impact is made of a light, floating plastic material that does not contain salt, the belly of the Shad Impact is made of a denser plastic material that contains salt. This combination guarantees this soft lure a perfect balance. The Shad Impact stands upright in a permanent horizontal position just like a fish stabilized in the current, ideally positioned to be attacked by a predator. On twitch, the Shad Impact makes sudden deviations imitating a panicked fish. In extra slow recovery in calm waters the Shad Impact is formidable. Shad Impact contains natural flavors of squid which have been compiled directly into the mass. Keitech obtains extraordinary colors thanks to its double mold process.

Leverandører av fiske utstyr



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