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KEITECH Company was founded in 1996 by KEI HAYASHI one of Japan's most famous Black Bass tournament fishermen.

The brand is highly known in the U.S and Asia markets. The brand has strong position as a leader in soft plastics and is respected among best in the world - "the bait that you must have in your boat".


KEITECH develops and produces in Japan at the foot of Mount Fuji soft lures which exceed current standards by the techniques used to produce them and the materials used. The double-mold injection machines developed by KEITECH allow assemblies of flexible materials which result in very precise balancing of the lures to ultimately produce completely new actions. The use of natural squid flavors directly compiled in the mass has considerably increased their attractiveness.


KEITECH is constantly innovating because there is in the brand's DNA the desire to always be better, not compared to other brands but quite simply at the water's edge. Everything happens as in a large restaurant, the cooks have a multitude of ingredients, in this case dozens of more or less dense plastic loaves, salt, squid, different kinds of flakes, colors etc. All these ingredients are assembled according to very precise recipes and then strictly controlled. A soft lure coming out of the injection machine with a non-conforming appearance, if only the color of the back which would bite on the stomach, this lure goes into the trash. Each soft lure is checked before being put by hand in its packaging.