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Johann C.Vangerud

Age: 26

City: Solør

Years of experience: 15

Favorite lake: Storsjøen, Skarnes

Best in: Jerkbait&Crank Perch

NPM 2019


Abbor Gjedde Fest 2020


Abbor Rokkosjøen 2019


Boat: Alloycraft Basspro 530 & Mercury 150

Partner: Sondre Breian



Pike:11.3 KG

Perch: 1.7KG

Zander: 2.0kg


I was born and raised in Solør. Fishing is something that has always been always available for me, I only had to open one door and I am fishing. My interest in fishing started further back my adult memories, since when I was in a pram by a campfire or changing diapers in a boat. I have experienced so many trips to mountains with family and always have tried to fish. Right from this stage the interest only got bigger and bigger. Already when I was 11 years old I got my very first pike rod. I was very lucky because later same year I got a 6kg pike! This pike changed everything - it triggered my interest in fishing, learning and experiencing more every day.

Predator fishing like pike and perch is something that takes lot of my time in summer and winter. I have also been involved in tournament fishing for last few years and already achieved winnings in various tournaments.


Fishing for me is not just a weekend fishing, it is not just a hobby - it's a passion and lifestyle for me. Engagement in Scandinavia’s sport fishing is growing and Norway is in the list. This creates new paths and opportunities for everyone who want more. Fishing is not just about getting a fish, it is a long journey, experience, joy, mistakes and learning curve. It's all about the steps forward you do and hours spent on the water. All about is because of that one, that one big fish you are waiting for and spending your time for. Eventually – hours and energy spent for that one big fish, pays off with lifetime memories and pleasure.


I am also a leading partner and fishing guide in “” for several years now. In recent years, time has also been set aside for competitions. Many doors and new acquaintances have been opened. One of the things that drives me is to always try and become better, learn as much as possible to be the best I can be in what I do. Eventually, this one day can turn around and become the only thing I do.


NSFL is a tournament that many have been waiting for and talking about for a few years now. The people behind NSFL is about to make the biggest competition in predator fishing that has ever been in Norway so far. This is something I think will be well appreciated in the predator fishing environment. I cannot wait to participate in upcoming NSFL tournaments already scheduled for 2021.

Like many others, I look forward experiencing the competition itself, especially when people behind is working so hard to make it succeed. In the long run, I clearly believe that this will be one of the most important events that both Norwegian and other EU countries look forward to. For those who want to make more out of the hobby, I think this competition is right place to be in. I have no doubts that it will inspire many anglers.

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