Frequently asked questions


What does this online store sells?

Sport-Fiske AS is a wholesaler of sport fishing equipment, clothing, accesories. Our feature products inlcude: "Favorite" rods and reels, "Keitech" softbaits, "Momoi" fishing line, "Jackal"l plastic lures, "Decoy" hooks,locks etc. and much more! We hope you have great experience shopping with us! If there is anything we can help you with, shoot us an email support@sport-fiske.no

Delivery times?

Our handling time: 1-2 days Our standard delivery times are: Norway - 2-5 working days Sweden - 3-10 working days * Sport-Fiske.no is not responsible for any International shipping costs such as Toll, VAT or Customs declaration expenses. Please keep in mind, that some of the products could not be in stock or could be sold out. Therefore delivery times might vary depending on warehouse status. If you however placed the order and willing to wait few more days, we will keep you updated all the time about delivery status! We use most popular delivery services such as: Norway: Posten, Bring Sweden: Postnord

I see that product is not in-stock but for sale, can i buy it?

When you see that product is still for sale, but not in stock. That means that this products is on its way to our warehouse You can purchase and reserve the item, it will be sent to you as soon as it arrives at our warehouse!

My package arrived damaged, what do i do?

No worries. Document all the damage, fill up our return form and send it to us via email. We will review the case, find a solution and send you new product if needed!

My rod/reel broke while fishing, warranty?

We always beleive that the products we choose to sell are made from high quality materials, passed hundreds of different tests and got certified for warranties. If you are realy became victim of manufacturing problem, send us photo documentation, return the product and provide short description of the problem. Use email: support@sport-fiske.no We will contact our supplier to investigate reason of breaking and will give you answer as soon as possible! Same applies for broken reels, accesories. Soft lures, hard plastics, fishing line, hooks and etc. has no warranty and are not replaced.


Is NSFL for teams or personal?

NSFL was created for teams. However, everyone will also compete as individual anglers. Both team and personal awards will be on the hunt.

When is the latest date i can register for NSFL Qualification 2021?

The last date for sending applications for qualification is - April 1st 23:00.

How many players are allowed per team? Can one player compete in two different teams?

The maximum number of players per team is 2. Each player can only take place in one team.

Which lakes the qualification will take place on? Can i fish in any other lake?

The final information will be provided 30days before the qualification. Each team will have chance to practise to achieve their best results. The only lakes you are allowed to fish is the ones that NSFL board announces.

I registered, but cannot compete. Will i get my money back?

Yes. In an event of cancelation, your qualification fee will be refunded. However, latest cancelation date is 30days before the event.

How starting position will affect my total game?

Your starting position is extremely important in the tournament. You will have an edge against others when getting in best lake locations first instead of last. However positions will switch each round 1-40, 40-1 etc. Note that starting position number will not change during the season. Your starting position number is selected depending which place you took in Qualification.

Will i see other competitors results on Qualification day?

No. The only option you will have access to, is to upload your catches via "FishUpload app". Only 1 player of the team has to upload catches, in this case - Team Captain(applies only for qualification). Standings, stats and other features will be disabled during the Qualification. These features will only be active for the NSFL Main League TOP40 teams + Elite Series + Autumn Mamma

How NSFL will ensure, that every qualification fish upload is from the day of event? In other words "fair-play".

Each team captain will receive transperant laminated card in the home postbox. Day before qualification, we will send sktech to print in your home. You only need to insert printed label inside laminated envelope, which will be placed on the fish while taking the picture. Unfortunately for qualification round, we have no authority to check GEO Location of the picture. However, this is only for qualification round.

What is NSFL?

NSFL was created with intention to promote Sport Fishing culture across the Norway. Main goal of this event is still to compete for the title, win prizes, grow your fishing skills, meet new people and enjoy public attention.

Is NSFL Association or Private Company?

Norwegian Sport Fishing League is running as national registered association. All capital, development costs, majority running costs are sponsored by Sport Fiske AS for year 2021-2022. However, association is always looking for opportunities to merge with other partners, that match associated interests to develop, improve, expand and protect main values of NSFL. Association welcomes everyone who has enthusiasm to do what we do. No matter your are business or pro-angler alone, we will always try to find a way to merge you in NSFL team! For the moment, official association website is now combined with Sport-Fiske.no. We really hope that by end of 2021 NSFL will have its own homepage.

Entry fee, prize pool, taxes

Every player pays entry fee for the each event. "NSFL" Forening is completely responsible for safety of the funds. All of the funds will be deposited in bank a account. Final prize pool will be published and confirmed within the beginning of each event. Money collected for each event will be distributed in following: - 20% Tournament costs (badges, marketing, rental and/or other relevant running costs). Most of the expenses are proudly covered by our general sponsors. - 80% money pool (Main prize, runner up prizes, longest fish, additional awards) - Prizes in a form of hardware or equipment will be awarded same day. - Money payouts will be paid within 30working days after announced nominations and awards. - Prize tax declaration is left to take care for each citizen and its their own responsibility. Association by governmental laws is not responsible for any of personal taxation. - Association will not discuss any illegal actions for the money laundering and will follow the law. Company is totally against all money laundering actions. - Association has all rights to cancel any of following events and refund all the money for individuals without any notice.

COVID-19 and epidemy

NSFL Assohas all intentions to deliver each event in a live format. That means that crowded meetings will be present. However, we will track and make decisions depending on all regulations. In an event of quarantine and heavy epidemy spread, we will have to cancel all live events. We are positive and have great hopes, that 2021 will delivery us fresh and healthy climate and all of the events will be scheduled as planned. But don't get disappointed if we need to cancel live events, our advanced software and app will allow us to still run this competition, but in a slightly different format. We keep our fingers crossed as you all to!

What about Sponsors, Video TV or Social relations?

NSFL is a commercial sports event as for today. Help and support is crucial from all of the tournament sponsors. However, NSFL is an open-minded event, where everyone will have their chances to advertise their sponsors or themselves. Posting, sharing, creating personal channel videos is totally allowed. Commercial graphics on boats, cars, apparel are allowed as well. NSFL TV will record the events and create video series, where interviews in the boat will be taken! Its your and your sponsor chances!

Measuring of the fish?

NSFL will provide custom made, aliuminium measureboards. Each board will have different decals on each event. This is to avoid all unfair-play concerns. The boards willl be distributed on each event. After each event, measureboards then will be collected back untill the next event. Please study and read "Regulations & Rules"

What species we are targeting?

In most cases, it is going to be - Pike. However, we have prepared for you some unexpected changes, when we fish Perch or Zander!

Do we have to wear Sport Jerseys?

The answer is plain and simple - YES. Every sports event has teams/players. All of them are wearing sports jersey with theirs names, numbers, sponsors. Each of NSFL player must to have sports jerseys for the rest of the season. Bad weather conditions like rain, strong wind is exception. We still do advice to decorate your jackets. Special Rule: Each player jersey, must to have NSFL emblem. Emblem files will be sent uppon request via email. Additionally, there will be ready-to-apply emblems to purchase. Please read Regulations & Rules of Main League.

Importance of imformation filled up during the registration to NSFL.

To make things more sport associated, information about your boat engine, sonar models etc. has to be provided by you. Information provided will be confirmed upon arrival to event. If there are any changes during the season, please contact us or find one of our staff members before the event. This information is used as a player/team information, and it is playing important role in overall NSFL season. To allow players create strategic decisions, we have to make sure that information provided is always up-to date.