The history of Katsuichi Co., Ltd. began when Konosuke Nakagawa opened the "Nakagawa Needle Factory" in 1920 in Komoe.

When it became a company organization, the Katsuichi made a big turn from the hair needle processing industry to the production of fishing hooks. What's more, it was a challenge to produce high-quality carbon steel hooks for leisure fishing using special high carbon steel instead of the iron needles that were the mainstream of fishermen at that time. Behind this is the Ayu friend fishing boom and the influence of lure fishing from Europe and the United States, and we have established a novel development model in the industry that feeds back the opinions of top anglers and commercializes it. 


The experience cultivated since the company was founded has been passed down to domestic and overseas sports fishing items, and has led to our current competency, which has a series of corporate flows of "planning," "design and development," "manufacturing," "sales," and "shipping." .. Currently, we own HEAD OFFICE, warehouse, first factory, second factory in Japan, and our own factory overseas, and manufacture and sell fishing hooks.

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