Favorite Creed is a series of powerful rods for large zander and pike fishing using jig techniques


It is a simple in design rod, the functionality of which is not worse than the high-cass analogs.


The spinning rod has a fast, resonant and sensitive blank, which is partially made of 40T carbon fiber. It has an increased capacity of strength, which will allow an angler to catch a large fish on large deep rivers with a strong current.

There is a simple and ergonomic handle based on the VSS reel seat. The handle itself is made of EVA. The buttcap has a cut-off flat part with the Creed logo, which makes it comfortable to set the forearm against the rod during fighting.

The rod is equipped with anti-tangle guides with thin and light inserts, analogous to Torzite.

  • Toray 40T – Japan manufacturer Toray prepreg. Modulus 40 TON.

  • Multi Layer Structure. All Favorite rod blanks are produced from a layering combination were carbon of different modulus and different fiber directions, allows us to achieve the desired rod action, increase the durability and lower the rod weight. Lengthwise direction of the fibers provide strength. Multiple carbon layer combinations with diverse fiber directions provides blank stiffness and torsional load resistance.

  • SiC guides with silicone carbide inserts are lighter, keep an increased capacity of strength, stiffness and a high conductivity of heat.

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