Favorite "Blue Bird" is a series of affordable professional

spinning rod series for micro jig and light jig


Its blanks are made of medium-modulus carbon fiber Skyflex30T. Fast action, quite rigid and sensitive. Each blank from the series is customized for specific tasks, which is typical for professional rods.

Ergonomic handle based on IPS reel seat with carbon fiber screw. Cut-off foregrip allows to put finger on the blank and acts as a support when necessary.

Modern anti-tangle guides placed according to KR-concept. Thin and lightweight insert - analogous to Torzite. Light models are equipped with single foot AT type guides.

The series consists of spinning rods with solid and tubular tips.

  • Skyflex 30T – Korean manufacturer SK prepreg. Modulus 30 TON

  • Multi Layer Structure Slim allow us to create very thin and "slim" rod blanks, which we use to build L and UL class rods.

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