Blue Bird is an ultralight spinning reel for freshwater and saltwater fishing


The reel is perfectly suitable to combine with the Blue Bird spinning rod.


It consists of lightened graphite-plastic body and Feather Light Rotor concept rotor. The reel is equipped with 8 ball-bearings and 1 roller bearing. Favorite Blue Bird spinning reel can be used for saltwater fishing due to the usage of stainless steel bearings.

he lightened low profile spool with an angled lip allows to reach the best casting range capacity. Gear ration of the reel is 5.2:1.

  • HD Gear. Reinforced main gear made of high-strength lightweight alloy and placed on the metal shaft. Screw-in connection between the gear and handle allows the angler to minimize any kind of backlash and makes the rotation smooth.

  • Feather Light Rotor. Lightweight carbon-plastic skeleton rotor. Provides less inertia and allows for a smoother reel rotation

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